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About Us

Hologram Network provides political stability intelligence primarily for Turkey and the Middle East. We use an intel-based approach to collect news and merge with econometric modeling to analyze foreign affairs and financial developments. 


Hologram Network produces Political Stability Indices and provides ratings in the following categories:


  1. Basic Legitimacy & Administrative Norms

  2. Parliament Support & Structure

  3. Government Forming & Operation

  4. Political Efficiency & Governance

  5. Relations with Institutions

  6. Relations with Foreign Political Actors

  7. Bureaucratic Capacity & Full Usage

  8. Political Violence

  9. Economic Stability Factors


Hologram Network members consist of governments, non-profit organizations, academicians, multi-national corporations and individuals from around the world. Market intelligence provided by the Hologram Network is utilized by many successful banking institutions and holding companies in Turkey and it is frequently cited by international publications. 

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